Pricing / Size

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Storage unit size

Unit size Approx size What will fit?
1.5 x 1.5 m Hall Cupboard One room of belongings
1.5 x 3 m Small Bathroom 2-3 rooms of belongings. Minimal furnishing from one bedroom flat or apartment; e.g. bed, couch, chest of drawers, television, bookshelf, cartons of small items, bicycle, garden tools.
3 x 3m Average Bedroom Generally, all the content of a one-two bedroom flat/apartment or half a house lot.
4.5 x 3m Large Bedroom Furniture and effects from a large two bedroom apartment or very small house lot.
6 x 3m Small car garage or large removalist truck, or house. Contents of an average three bedroom home with garage items. Also ideal for a vehicle and other small items.