Storage tips

Files and other documents

  • Pack books flat to protect their spines.
  • Use labeled archive boxes or packing cartons to save space, simplify retrieval and protect contents.
  • User packing to fill empty pockets in cartons.
  • Avoid packing fragile items with books, don't overload. Pack lighter cartons on top of heavier ones to prevent damages.
  • By erecting free standing shelving you can save on space and make the storage and retrieval of your goods very effective.

Fabric items

  • All fabric items need to be clean and free of anything that could attract pests.
  • Most self storage centers have cartons, packing materials and other accessories available to protect your goods.

Computers and other equipment

  • If you've kept the original boxes and packing materials, we recommend you reuse them. However, bubble-wrap and good quality cartons will also do the job.
  • Remember to use packing materials to line the top and bottom, and to pack the gaps to protect the equipment and prevent movement.
  • All electrical equipment needs to be thoroughly cleaned and dry.
  • Most computers have 'self-parking heads', but if you are unsure about it, refer to the manufacturer's manual, or consult your retailer, especially if storing for more than six months.
  • Equipment with sealing doors, like fridges and freezers, should be stored with door slightly ajar.

Metal items

  • Metal items need to be clean and dry.
  • Protect rust0prone items by wiping over with a rag impregnated with a few stops of machine oil.