Why use self storage

Why Use Self Storage?

More and more people are using self storage units for more and more reasons. Some are outgrowing their space, others want to store things and there are increasing numbers of small businesses being set up with people working from home. Whatever the reason, increasing numbers of people are turning to self storage to provide the extra space they need. At minimal cost compared to other options, it keeps their belongings safe and secure and gives them peace of mind.

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Running out of space at home

People are reluctant to cast aside belongings they no longer use, especially if they are still in good condition. They want to hang onto things ‘just in case’ or often because they’re planning on passing them on at some point in time. It could be an old Chesterfield, a bike, a bed, Hi-fi equipment or a bookcase. Getting on the housing ladder is very expensive and many are storing furniture etc, in preparation for when their children make that jump and will need all the help they can get.

Moving home

Increasingly people are having to move out of their old home before moving into their new one to avoid losing a sale. If that’s the case and you have nowhere to store your belongings, a self storage unit is the ideal answer. Also, if you are downsizing, but don’t want to throw away or sell those bits and pieces quite yet, a self storage unit will help while you make your mind up about what stays and what goes.


If the builders are due, to erect a new conservatory or extension, and you are worried about them walking through the house and damaging your sofas or wooden furniture, a self storage unit would be ideal to house your valuables whilst the work is ongoing.

Gap Years

Many students choose to spend a year travelling before they enter the big, wide world of work! However, many find that they have nowhere to store their belongings between the end of university and the time that renting a house comes around on their return. In all likelihood, there’s no room back at mum and dad’s for all the extra things they’ve acquired during their 3 or 4 years at Uni. A small self storage unit is ideal for this.

Guide For Self Storage Beginners

Guide For Self Storage Beginners

Moving home in a hurry and have no time to dispose of your surplus items from your home decluttering exercise? Perhaps you want to redecorate or renovate parts of your home and need a safe place to store your furniture. Or maybe you must leave your old home before gaining access to your new home, so need somewhere to store your belongings for a few weeks. Moving home in a hurry and have no time to dispose of your surplus items from your home decluttering exercise? Using a secure self-storage facility could well be the answer you are looking for. Read more

Guide For Business Operations Using Self Storage

Guide For Business Operations Using Self Storage

If you’ve been running a small business from a dedicated room in your home, office or site and it’s getting to the point where it’s spreading across to more than just the original, agreed room – then fear not. This guide by Total Self Storage is here to offer a solution that’ll help you to free up the space and potentially expand your business. Today, multiple businesses are operating their day-to-day pursuits with the help of a self storage unit, so we’re here to tell you how they manage it. Read more