Boxes and Packing Supplies

Bitz Box

Slef storage packing box for household goods

Perfect for storage of those ‘small little fiddly’ belongings and great for CD’s and DVD’s:

12x9x9″ Single Wall (304 x 230 x 230mm)

Price: $2.00 each

‘Tea Chest’ Box

Slef storage packing box for household goods

Perfect for the storage of clothing and bedding. Works very well for large Tupperware also.

30x18x18″ Double Wall (762 x 457 x 457mm)

Price: $4.00 each

Medium Box

Slef storage packing box for household goods

Perfect for storage of fragile glassware whilst using tea towel and fabrics to protect and fill:

18x18x12″ Double Wall (457 x 457 x 304mm)

Price: $3.25 each

Book Box

Slef storage packing box for household goods

As the name suggests, these boxes are perfect for the storage of books. Large enough to fill but light enough to move.

18x12x12″ Double Wall (457 x 304 x 304mm)

Price: $2.50 each

Archive Box

Document carton

Perfect for storage of important files and Documents. Strong, robust and stackable:

18x15x10″ Single Wall (450 x 370 x 250mm)

Price: $3.50 each

‘Port-A-Robe’ Box

Wardrobe Carton

Perfect for storage of suits and dresses avoiding the dry cleaner after. Hanging rail included:

20x18x48″ Double Wall (508 x 457 x 1220mm)

Price: $15.00 each

Packaging Tape

Packaging Tape

The perfect tape available for sealing up boxes. We recommend 1 x Roll per 20 Cartons as a rule.

Price: $3.50 per roll

Packaging Tape Dispenser

Packing box with Tape Dispenser

If you’ve a lot of boxes to pack, this little beauty makes the ‘sealing up’ process sooo much easier!

Price: $15.00 each

Stanley Knife

Stanley Knife

Perforated blade for gradual ware removal. Super sharp to handle all your cutting requirements.

Price: $3.50 each

Bubble Wrap

bubble wrap for packing

Protection for those extra fragile items such as china, crystal and glassware. Comes in a handy roll with dimensions of 3 meters x .5 meters:

Price: $10.00 per roll

Packing ‘Butchers’ Paper

Packing Paper

This butchers paper is perfect for wrapping around the crockery before placing each piece into your boxes. We highly recommend this as a way of helping top ensure no breakages. Various sized packs available:

Price: $15.00 – $40.00 per pack


cotton gloves for moving goods

These quality cotton gloves will keep your hands in good shape throughout the moving process. The bright orange colour ensures they’ll never be misplaced!:

Price: $5.00 per pair