Insurance coverage for goods & documents in self storage

If your property is worth storing – its worth insuring.

If you have run out of space for in your home or office, using commercial self storage is the solution for you. Although arguably even safer in self storage, they’ll need as much insurance protection as those you keep in your home. Self storage Insurance in Oakleigh is a great option to tick this box.

Our Self storage Insurance in Oakleigh provides protection against fire, theft and storm damage. This allows you to rest assured that the contents of your storage unit are always covered.

Even with Total Self Storage’s enviable record of safety and security, accidents can occur for reasons beyond anyone’s control. If unforeseen damage can happen in your home, they can happen here too. For this reason, we insist that all our customers are adequately insured.

Can I have Total Self Storage organise a policy for me?

Having a self-storage valid insurance policy is a prerequisite that all our customers are required to meet. It is essential that your products are insured. If your goods are not covered by your existing contents policy, then we have insurance available for our customers for just a small monthly fee. We can arrange suitable protection from as little as $1 for $1000 of insurance cover for each calendar month you’re with us.

Total Self Storage insures their site, but not your goods. The items you place in self storage are your sole responsibility and must be insured. Self-storage Insurance in Oakleigh. All property needs to be covered by the insurance policy from the moment it is stored in the facility. You are welcome to use the policy you might have, but you will need one in place whilst using our services.

Insurance coverage for goods & documents in self storage
Self storage insurance policies