Self Storage Oakleigh

Self Storage Facility Oakleigh

Total Self Storage in Oakleigh is a local family-owned business. We are passionate and motivated about storage. Located just minutes from Oakleigh, Melbourne. Dedicated to providing you with high-quality self storage solutions. Affordable, secure, accessible and tailored to your needs.

Call one of our local friendly Oakleigh team to discuss your storage requirements. We try to provide a fast, direct, and efficient service for you.

self storage oakleigh
self storage oakleigh

Highly Secure Self Storage

The security of your belongings is of prior importance to us. We enforce state-of-the-art security measures to ensure their safety. Perimeter security, computer controlled alarms and 24-hour surveillance. Personal self storage rooms in Oakleigh. All protected by your own padlock and key.


Self Storage Accessibility

You’ll receive 7-day access to your Self Storage unit in Oakleigh, all year round. What’s more, you only pay for the self storage space you need. We offer differing sized units to suit a varying need. Importantly, only you will have access to your self storage unit. A clean and tidy environment within which to store your belongings. We provide covered loading bays, trolleys, and well-lit corridors.

Self Storage for Online Businesses

We provide an ideal and cost-effective solution for storing stock and equipment. Why not store excess inventory and supplies, and we’ll act as your own Warehouse Manager. In addition, we’ll receive deliveries on your behalf when you’re away from the store. Furthermore, we can even provide packaging and a personal postal service.

Tool Storage

If you’re a tradesman, we can store your tools and materials. Building equipment, plasterboard, cement mixers, etc are all welcome. Above all, we provide a safe and simple storage solution, tailored to your needs.

Self Storage for Jet Skis, Motorcycles, Boats and Cars Storage

Our self storage facility is ideal for storing vehicles. Don’t risk leaving them outside where vulnerable to weather and vandalism. Why not store them in one of our secure bays just minutes from Oakleigh. Most importantly, you’ll have 7 day access.

Why Choose Total Self Storage?


  • HIGH STANDARD SECURITY – CCTV and computer controlled site access, protected and accessible only with a unique customer access code.
  • EVERY CORNER COVERED – Monitored video surveillance inside and outside the building including all general access areas, lobby’s and storage corridors.
  • STATE OF THE ART INTRUDER ALARM SYSTEM – Building and goods protection by a two fold intruder alarm system.
  • MULTILEVEL PROTECTION – Individual storage unit alarms, monitored both offsite and from our reception area. Individually lockable storage rooms.