Tips For First Time Storage Users

Tips For First Time Storage Users

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If you are reading this article it’s probably because you have realised that you own too many things. Storage units are great for storing that unused clutter. Instead of taking those items to a landfill or giving them away, why not store them in a clean and safe environment instead? Before filling your storage unit with Halloween decorations and unused garden furniture, here are a few things that you might want to think about. At Total self storage we have got you covered, we have put together this blog for first-time storage users to help you on your way.

Label Your Items Is a Must

Now you have got rid of all those boxes out of your home, maybe it’s time you put them into an organised storage unit instead? You can go through all your old belongings and organise them into specific boxes. This means that when it comes to Christmas you will know which box will have all your tangled Christmas lights in. The most effective way is to label your belongings. Go buy some sticky labels and categorise your boxes and belongings or even just write on the box what is inside. There are plenty of ways to label your belongings, you could even go with a colour coordination method to let you know what colour label means what.

Add Some Shelves

To truly maximise your floor space in your storage unit, you might consider opting for some shelves. This will help to keep you organised and you could have specific items for different levels on the shelves. You can always measure your free space to find out what shelving is best for you. Shelving is a great way to organise and optimise your floor space and guarantee you maximum storage per unit size.

Make it Accessible

When planning out the accessibility of your self storage unit, you need to think about where the items will be placed and how easy it is to get to. Place the items that you use on a regular basis near the entrance of your storage unit. Even if you haven’t opted for shelving in your storage unit you can still organise the space and maximise floor space. Place your boxes around the wall of your unit for ease of accessibility for the items and also for floor space. We would also recommend not to place heavy items high up, even if you are more capable of moving them.

Dismantle Large Items

This may sound like a lot of effort but even taking the legs off that old dining room table can give you much more room. If you can take it apart and at some point in the future be able to assemble it again then start dismantling to save space. Big items can be placed lower down and be made easily accessible.

Why Choose Total Self Storage

Total Self Storage is a family owned Self Storage company. We were one of the first self storage companies in Melbourne, opening our doors and providing Self Storage rooms in Oakleigh in 1987.Our customers really do matter to us. So, when using us you will most certainly receive:

  • local, family owned & operated business providing a friendly, helpful & professional service from start to finish.
  • A company that appreciates your business.
  • A ‘no problem’ & ‘can do’ type attitude to any customers requests.
  • A clean and tidy environment for both you and your belongings.
  • Easy & convenient 6 day access to the personal or business goods you have in your own, individual self-storage unit!

Total Self Storage can help you to find the right storage unit for you:

  • Our Self Storage experts evaluate how much space you need so that you don’t pay for space that you won’t use!
  • Don’t risk your belongings with any old self-storage company. Total Self Storage ensure your belongings are kept safe, leaving you with complete peace of mind.
  • Secure access & 24 hour surveillance on all our Self Storage rooms in Oakleigh.
  • Our storage facility is kept spotlessly clean & tidy.