Guide For Self Storage Beginners

Guide For Self Storage Beginners

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Moving home in a hurry and have no time to dispose of your surplus items from your home decluttering exercise? Perhaps you want to redecorate or renovate parts of your home and need a safe place to store your furniture. Or maybe you must leave your old home before gaining access to your new home, so need somewhere to store your belongings for a few weeks. Moving home in a hurry and have no time to dispose of your surplus items from your home decluttering exercise? Using a secure self-storage facility could well be the answer you are looking for.

At Total Self Storage, we provide storage with high standard security at a great price. If you have any enquiries or questions, be sure to contact our friendly team.

What Is Self Storage?

Self storage centres like Total Self Storage offer units of space for hire; from large lockers to rooms the size of a double garage, they are designed to offer a safe and convenient place to store your belongings and can be hired for as little as a week.

The units are highly secure, protected from the elements and flexible both in size and cost, depending on your needs. Each storage unit is locked from the outside and the person renting the space is the sole key holder. The facilities are also covered by 24hr CCTV, intruder alarms and access beyond the reception desk is strictly controlled.

How Can Self Storage Help?

With so much going on during a house move it can be helpful to get things you don’t need every day out of the way in order to give yourself some extra space. It also means you can stagger the items you move into your new home rather than living out of boxes for the first month!

Whether it’s because their new house isn’t quite ready yet, renovations are still taking place or they just haven’t worked out furniture arrangements, knowing what to do with furniture and household items can prove tricky. Self storage can be used for:

  • Garden tools whilst waiting for the new shed to go up.
  • Sofas while cleaning or renovating the living room.
  • Fridges, washing machines and dishwashers while the kitchen is redone.
  • Bed frames and wardrobes while bedrooms are redecorated.
  • Kids toys to keep bedrooms free of clutter while moving.
  • Items you’re not sure you want to keep but need out of the way while you decide.

Tips On Suitability

Storage units have so many features these days along with a ton of assorted complementary services that you can choose from. So to choose the most suitable self-storage unit for your possessions, you need to consider the following things:

  • How far and accessible is the unit from you?
  • Would you need a more climate controlled unit? Especially if your possessions are sensitive to heat, cold, dust, or moisture?
  • How safe and secure is the unit?
  • Does the place have a caretaker or not?

Tips For Packing Properly For Self Storage

Now that you are packing your things for self storage, you need to be thoughtful of the right size of the boxes in which you are packing. Especially, if you are packing the sensitive items or the heavyweight objects as both can get harmed if not packed in the right shape or size of the box. Don’t put so many things in one box and neither should you pack every item singularly. So just be careful of the weight of the entire box.


For an easy search and access of an object, even after a few months or years, you must properly label all your boxes that you are going to place in the self storage unit. Make sure you label them in a way that is clearly visible and easily comprehensible.


If you have hired a big room or a unit where you have to stack all your boxes or furniture then make sure you arrange them carefully in rows or columns and leave an aisle in between or a space of a foot so you could reach everywhere without being stuck. Or you don’t have to move all the things in front to reach a box at the far end.

Stack When Possible

The best way to pack your boxes is in a way that can be easily placed in stacks in your storage unit. This will also help you make the best of the height of your storage space. You can pack all your heavy things like books in one box and place it at the bottom and then pack the lighter things like small decorations or Christmas decorations in one box to go on top of the books. This way, the boxes won’t cave in or give way to pressure.

Pack With Care

Packing can be boring but it can save your possessions from damaging or getting harmed, if done correctly and with a little extra care. When you are packing the things that can demount and assemble at home like beds, cabinets or stands then demount them before packing them. This will also save you some space in your secure self storage unit and your things won’t get damaged during the move. You must also give extra attention to your sensitive items. Packing them separately and in individual wraps could be a good technique. Also make sure you label it to be ‘fragile’ or ‘move with extra care’ as a better measure of protection.