How to Safely Pack & Move Your Boxes When Using Self-Storage

How to Safely Pack & Move Your Boxes When Using Self-Storage

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Believe it or not, there is an art involved when packing & moving boxes that will eventually go into your self-storage unit. It is particularly important that a few rules are observed to ensure your goods are well protected. Always ensure to use bubble wrap for fragile items and use high quality cardboard moving boxes to prevent them from breaking.

BooksWhen packing boxes of books, be sure to store all books on their ends and if possible, keep books of a similar size within the one box. Ensure that there are no gaps created and be careful to fill it right up and not leave any room at the top. Any space left at the top of the cardboard box will potentially cause another place above to make it collapse when you are moving boxes. Packing boxes filled with books are generally considered strong and can be used lower within the storage unit and suitable for other boxes to be stacked upon.

Crockery and smaller fragile items Although book sized moving boxes are made for storing books, they also make the perfect place for storing small fragile goods like crockery and silverware. Be sure to individually wrap each item in acid free tissue paper and bubble wrap. This protection will ensure that the weight of other will not cause damage to those items towards the bottom when you are moving boxes. These cardboard boxes should be labelled as ‘Fragile’ and should be placed higher up within the storage unit. They should never have too many other cardboard boxes stacked upon them and be vigilant not to place any boxes with books on them.

Pictures and framed printsPacking boxes of pictures can be a bit tricky to store in a box but those of a similar size and shape can be done so successfully. Be sure to wrap each individually in bubble wrap and, if glazed, a layer of tissue paper also. To ensure the space in the top of the box is filled, old newspaper scrunched into balls, does this nicely. Again, ensure that these boxes are labelled as ‘Fragile’  and should be placed higher up within the storage unit to make the job of moving boxes easier.

Clothes – Packing boxes of clothes? The largest sized ‘Tea Chest’ moving boxes are the perfect choice. It is a particularly good idea to store clothes by their seasonality. This way, if you require something specific for the changing weather conditions, it will be a little easier to identify in the storage unit. Again, it is especially important that the cardboard boxes are completely full to ensure they do not collapse under the weight of others and make moving boxes safer and hassle-free.

Hanging garmentsno one wants to take all their suits and dresses to the drycleaner to have creases removed. ‘Port-A-Robe’ packing boxes is an ideal solution here. These moving boxes are large enough and include a hanger enabling you to transfer straight from the wardrobe. Alternatively, if your wardrobe will be in your self-storage room, why not replace the clothes back in after the move.

Blankets and beddingall these items can be safely stored in the Tea Chest moving box also.

Other helpful tips from us – the experienced storage specialists offering boxes in Melbourne 

Moving boxes to new houseLabelling – Clearly labelling moving boxes with their contents can be a god send when looking for something specific within the storage unit. Adding the room that things have come from can also be greatly beneficial at the end of your self-storage use and when moving boxes into your new property.

Packing tapenot all tape is suitable for sealing cardboard moving boxes. Be sure to use a strong tape and one with incredibly good adhesive qualities. If you do not, the tape may come unstuck whilst handling the box or overtime whilst being stored.

Fragile tape – it is highly recommended that any moving boxes the contain breakables, have fragile tape applied to them. It is a particularly good idea to simply use the fragile tape to seal the box. Be careful not to overuse this tape. Of course, all your belongings are delicate and should be treated with care, but the word ‘Fragile’ is far more effective and more attention is paid to it, if only used on those moving boxes necessary.

Do not leave air withinIt is very import to remember that any space left within a cardboard box can become a collapse risk. Be vigilant to plug any gaps with some items or newspaper/bubble wrap when packing boxes.

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