Guide For Business Operations Using Self Storage

Guide For Business Operations Using Self Storage

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If you’ve been running a small business from a dedicated room in your home, office or site and it’s getting to the point where it’s spreading across to more than just the original, agreed room – then fear not. This guide by Total Self Storage is here to offer a solution that’ll help you to free up the space and potentially expand your business. Today, multiple businesses are operating their day-to-day pursuits with the help of a business self storage unit, so we’re here to tell you how they manage it.

Before continuing, if you’re looking into commercial self storage, be sure to contact our friendly team at Total Self Storage. With high standard security and a variety of storage on offer at a great price, you’ll be in the right place using our self storage services in Oakleigh.

Benefits Of Self Storage For Businesses

  • No overhead costs – with business or document self storage, you won’t be paying utility bills like you would if you were renting offices or other, the only sum you’ll be paying for will be for the space you use.
  • Flexibility – if you wish to expand your business, you have the flexibility to do so with ease. If you are still running a business from your home, it’s likely that finding the extra room would be difficult, which is why the flexibility of finding the perfect sized storage space for your business needs, is even better.
  • Keep stock & distribution all in one place – if you are selling your goods online, distributing and shipping from a storage unit gives you the added option of operating all in one place. This can keep logistics organised and allows greater peace of mind too.
  • No business rates – business rates do not apply but you will need to be checked to ensure that your activities are in line with the terms and conditions of the proposed contract.
  • Keeps work separate from home – if you live and breathe your business, chances are it’ll become too much. Keeping work and home separate can help you feel more motivated when you are at work, and feel more relaxed when you are at home.